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Where  Successful  Internet  Marketing  People  Meet

You publish a great newsletter and you want to increase the number of subscribers right? 
How about  Swapping Ads  with Other Newsletter Owners who also reach your targeted market? "AdSwappers" is a meeting place for Entrepeneurs, Web-masters, Publishers, Writers and Editors who want free, targeted email advertising. 
Why should you pay for advertising when we can get it to you for free !! 
Can you imagine getting over 100,000 FREE Classified Ads this year alone?? 
You can also make a request to Exchange Links on web pages too. It's a proven fact that search engines rate websites by the number of links leading to any given website. Links or "hypertext links" bring people to your website or the sponsor your representing. 

Do you REALLY know how many links you have??

Here's how "AdSwappers" work's for you, Simply fill out a swap or link request form & submit it to the message board. Taking a quick surf through the message board while your there will also help you reach other publishers and editors who have similar newsletter content. 

Send your information to the editor or publisher and await their answer. Most members reply on the same day. They will give you their terms and the barter is on!

Your FREE Membership ( A savings of over $67.00 by the way! ) also includes a Free Download of our fantastic software that literally writes your ads, articles and reports for you. It's called " The EZine Assistant " and it's yours FREE RIGHT NOW. Even if AdSwappers isn't what you expected or not to your liking, we want you to keep the software for FREE as our gift to you.

 Add our newsletter with tips and tricks on how to create awesome Classified Ads, Articles and Reports plus your free listing in the monthly newsletter and you'll see why "AdSwappers" is such a fantastic value.